Over 90 Courses Over 90 Courses

Gain access to our entire course library for all of your staff members. Our course library consists of over 90 customer services training courses created especially for the customer services sector, plus a further 310 additional courses.

Engaging Content Engaging Content

Offering a wide variety of customer service courses and lessons ranging from 5 minutes to 50 hours designed to visually engage and test learners.

Manage and Track Manage and Track

Our full tracking and reporting dashboard keeps you in total control over your users' learning, allowing you to make sure your staff have the right training at the right time.

Customer Services Training Courses

Your business is only viable if your customers are satisfied with the products and services on offer. Great customer support is essential in maintaining a business’ reputation and profits.

These courses offer both general and more specialised training in customer service.

The general training courses, including the Caring for Your Customers’ Needs Certification and Customer Care Certification, equip your staff with the basic skills they need to engage with customers and resolve their difficulties. The Managing & Improving Customer Service Process Certification will help them grow their understanding of customer care.

Customer Services Training for Employees

Providing customer service can be challenging and customers can occasionally become confrontational. The Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification and Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Certification courses will teach your staff how to handle such instances.

Whatever sector your business may be in, these courses will help your team work constructively with customers and ensure they enjoy an outstanding experience every time with our range of online training courses and inhouse training

Customer Services Courses Library