Over 50 Courses Over 50 Courses

Gain access to our entire course library for all of your staff members. Our course library consists of over 50 courses created especially for the advertising and marketing sector, plus a further 250 additional courses.

Engaging Content Engaging Content

Offering a wide variety of advertising and marketing training courses and lessons ranging from 5 minutes to 50 hours designed to visually engage and test learners.

Manage & Track Manage & Track

Our full tracking and reporting dashboard keeps you in total control over your users' learning, allowing you to make sure your staff have the right training at the right time.

Advertising & Marketing Training Courses

In a world where customers have more options than ever before and can ruin your reputation with just a few negative reviews, a good understanding of advertising and marketing has never been so important.

Some of these adverting and marketing training courses, such as the Twitter for Business Certification and the YouTube Channel Marketing Certification, teach highly sought-after digital marketing skills. Others, such as the Negotiation Skills Certification and the Level 2 Marketing Certification, provide an overview of essential marketing methods that combine long-standing practices with contemporary techniques.

Advertising & Marketing Training for Businesses

Anyone responsible for maintaining a business’ website or blog will also benefit from these courses. For example, the Blog Creation & Management Certification provides everything your employees need to build an authoritative web presence that solidifies your brand and builds customer loyalty.

Advertising & Marketing Courses Library