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Gain access to our entire course library for all of your staff members. Our course library consists of over 40 courses created especially for the social and care sector, plus a further 160 additional courses.

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Social and Care Training Courses

Caring for vulnerable individuals can be extremely challenging. These roles demand both background knowledge and a strong commitment to safeguarding.

The Level 3 Health & Social Care Certification outlines the key legal and ethical responsibilities of everyone working in this sector. There are also courses tailored to areas within this industry. For example, if your staff work with people living with a mental illness, the Mental Health Awareness Certification is a good place to start.

Employees can further develop their understanding of mental health conditions with the Depression Awareness Certification and the Anxiety Awareness Certification. If your staff work with people in care settings, the Safe Handling of Medicines Foundation Certification will ensure they deliver medication safely.

There are several courses available that will help employees uphold client wellbeing at all times, including the Safeguarding Children Certification. These courses are essential for anyone working with vulnerable populations.

Social and Care Courses Library

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  • Access to entire course library for all staff members
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