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Gain access to our entire course library for all of your staff members. Our course library consists of over 35 courses created especially for the sales sector, plus a further 365 additional courses.

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Offering a wide variety of courses and lessons ranging from 5 minutes to 50 hours designed to visually engage and test learners.

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Our full tracking and reporting dashboard keeps you in total control over your users' learning, allowing you to make sure your staff have the right training at the right time.

Sales Training Courses

Effective salespeople know how to accommodate their prospective clients’ needs, find the products and services that solve their problems and use their communication skills to close the deal.

The Level 2 Sales Certification is a good starting point for those wanting a general overview of the sales process. The Buying & Selling Online Certificate course outlines the basics of selling via the internet, whereas the Achieving Sales on the Telephone Certification teaches the key principles of telesales.

Sales can be broken down into several communication skills and these are the subject of several distinct courses. For instance, the Negotiation Skills Certification helps staff come to a mutual agreement when making a deal, and the Closing Techniques Certification teaches them how to encourage a customer to make a purchase.

Taken together, these courses will create confident salespeople who consistently convert leads into sales, growing your profits as a result.

Sales Courses Library

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  • Access to entire library of 320+ courses for all staff members
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  • Diverse range of courses from 10 minute quick learning lessons to 50 hour in-depth courses
  • CPD approved learning material

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  • Detailed statistics dashboard
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