Over 65 Courses Over 65 Courses

Gain access to our entire course library for all of your staff members. Our course library consists of over 65 courses created especially for the hospitality sector, plus a further 345 additional courses.

Engaging Content Engaging Content

Offering a wide variety of hospitality and leisure training courses and lessons ranging from 5 minutes to 50 hours designed to visually engage and test learners.

Manage & Track Manage & Track

Our full tracking and reporting dashboard keeps you in total control over your users' learning, allowing you to make sure your staff have the right training at the right time.

Hospitality & Leisure Training Courses

For your hospitality & leisure business to succeed, your staff will need to develop specialist knowledge alongside the ability to deliver outstanding customer service.

For staff new to working in a hotel setting, Hotel Reception Certification is a good choice. For those looking to obtain a more senior position, the Level 3 Hotel Management Certification provides a solid grounding in the skills an employee needs to oversee an establishment on a day-to-day basis.

Hospitality & Leisure Training for Employees

Those working in catering will find the Food Safety Level 1 Certification a useful introduction to food hygiene, and the Level 2 Restaurant Hospitality Management course is perfect for any team member needing to develop the professional skills required to lead catering operations and manage a team in hospitality settings.

Finally, any employee who needs to learn how to organise safe, fun events will benefit from taking the Level 2 Events Management Certification.

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Hospitality & Leisure Courses Library